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Frequently asked questions

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How does the 𝕏 Crush tool work?
Our tool analyzes your 𝕏 interactions to identify and create a video featuring the users who engage most with your content.
Is this tool free to use?
Yes, AnimStats offers this tool for free, enabling you to create and share videos of your 𝕏 crushes without any cost.
Can I customize the video templates?
Absolutely! You can choose from various professionally designed templates and customize colors, fonts, and backgrounds to suit your style.
How quickly can I generate a video?
You can create a captivating video in under a minute, thanks to our efficient and user-friendly interface.
Where can I share the videos created with this tool?
You can share your videos on social media platforms, websites, or include them in presentations to engage your audience effectively.
Is this tool user-friendly for people without design skills?
Yes, AnimStats offers an intuitive interface and professionally designed templates, making it easy for anyone to create stunning videos.
Are there any limits to the number of videos I can create?
No, there are no limits to the number of videos you can create, providing the flexibility to produce as much content as needed.
How can these videos help my social media strategy?
Creating videos of your 𝕏 crush can boost engagement, show appreciation to your followers, and enhance your overall social media presence.
Is my 𝕏 account information secure when using this tool?
Yes, AnimStats prioritizes your privacy and ensures your 𝕏 account information is secure and not misused.
Can businesses use this tool to engage with their audience?
Absolutely! Businesses can use this tool to highlight their top interactions, fostering a sense of community and increasing engagement with their audience.